RLH Auxiliary Annual Tea And Bazaar

The annual Tea and Bazaar on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 2-4pm is the RLH Auxiliary’s only fundraiser.


Donations of crafts and baking are appreciated.

Care Partners Week In Saskatchewan March 19-25, 2017


At Eden Care Communities we refer to Elders, Families, Staff, Volunteers, and Community stakeholders as “Care Partners”.  We strive to combat the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.  Together as Care Partners we can combat helplessness by not only giving care, but being open to receiving care.

We encourage every care giver to accept care from others and be a care partner.  It can be as simple as returning a kind smile to a stranger or taking the time to say “you are very welcome” when you are thanked for the care you provide.

THANK YOU to all of our partners in care for all you do for each other.

On bahalf of Eden Care Communities we’re excited to participate in Saskatchewans Care Partners week, March 19-25, 2017.

From: http://skseniorsmechanism.ca/events/caregivers-week/

Saskatchewan Caregivers Week is a time to celebrate and honour the amazing volunteers in our province who are providing care for family members or friends who are in need of assistance in their daily lives.  The dollar value of the time these volunteer caregivers provide is impossible to calculate.  However, the even greater benefit is to those receiving care who are able to maintain the independence and quality of life they want because there are people who are prepared to help them.

Many of the caregivers and those being cared for are older adults.  However, sometimes the person needing care is an adult child, and caregivers can be adults of any age, some of whom are part of the ‘sandwich generation’ raising children and caring for parents, and some of whom are still in paid employment.  It is estimated that some 8 million Canadians are providing unpaid care, primarily to family members.  These unpaid caregivers, most often family members, are the ones we want to recognize and celebrate.

Caregivers aren’t doing what they do to receive recognition, but it would be wonderful to let them know they are appreciated.  Here are some ideas you or your community might consider.

For all of the following activities that involve having the caregiver go out to an activity, keep in mind that you should also consider how respite care can be provided for the person(s) the caregiver regularly cares for. 

Saplings ELC & Regina Lutheran Home: Being Active Has No Age Limit

For the entire Healthy Start Sampler Newsletter see here: Growing Happier Healthier Children in early learning environments

Saplings Early Learning Centre in Regina is part of the larger Eden Care Communities group which provides housing and healthcare to seniors, adults and children. Saplings has been involved in intergenerational activities with one of the affiliated centres, Regina Lutheran Home, for a little over a year. At least once a week, the staff and children of Saplings take the 10 minute walk together over to the Regina Lutheran Home to do activities with the residents including singing songs or doing arts and crafts. It wasn’t until the Saplings staff took Healthy Start training in November that they wondered if the intergenerational activities could be enhanced by having the seniors and children be active together. After working closely with the Lutheran Home Recreation Therapist, they realized that both the seniors and children do a lot of similar activities, especially active songs that help to stretch the fingers out and

improve dexterity. The recreation team also used pool noodles as a way to increase the seniors’ upper body mobility. “These were things that we were doing too, but we were never in communication before.” says Ashley Elgert, Director of Saplings Early Learning Centre.

The Saplings staff started to bring some of the Active Play Kit equipment they received from Healthy Start to the Regina Lutheran Home. “The parachute is a big hit with both the children and the seniors.” says Elgert. “The Lutheran Home staff joke with us saying that they know when we’re here because they can hear us throughout the whole building!”

Being active together has been beneficial for both the children and seniors in numerous ways. “The balloons were a great ice breaker,” recounts Ryan Bahan, Manager of

Intergenerational Care at Eden Care Communities. “At first the children were very shy and at times scared of the wheelchairs. Once they began playing together they warmed right up.” Now, upon arriving at the home the children don’t hesitate saying ‘hi’ to the residents, giving them hugs and helping to hand out play equipment.

For the entire article, visit: Saplings ELC and Regina Lutheran Home Prove that Being Active Has No Age Limit