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There’s nothing more Saskatchewan than shoveling your neighbor’s sidewalk!
In the spirit of community, we are starting a new program that will help those with reduced mobility in our community.
The adopt a sidewalk program is currently recruiting volunteers to help those with reduced mobility by shoveling their sidewalks.

When a sidewalk is free of snow, it will become much easier for community members who are dealing with reduced mobility to access the para-transit bus and get to their medical appointments or day programs on time.
We are inviting everyone to participate and adopt a Sidewalk.
Including businesses, schools, churches, service clubs, and individuals.
If you are interested in opening your heart and lifting a shovel,
Call us at: 306.206.0260
Email us at:

Mission, Vision, & Values


Founded and inspired by faith to provide respectful, integrated, intergenerational care and housing.


Creating communities of people who are connected, fulfilled and secure.


As a Christian organization, we value:

  • Accessible, appropriate and innovative housing and services
  • Person-directed care that creates autonomy and personal freedom
  • Quality of life that is characterized by fulfilment, empowerment, and engagement
  • Belonging, community, and connection
  • Healthy relationship and meaningful companionship
  • Adaptation and proactivity that is characterized by strategic response to change
  • Servant leadership that affirms, involves and encourages inclusive decision-making
  • Mutual respect that is characterized by inclusivity, acceptance of diversity, love, and respect for those with other faiths
  • Ethical Stewardship that is characterized by integrity and mutual accountability
  • Spiritual Care within a multi-faith context

By 2025 Eden Care Communities will be known for our intergenerational and integrated service delivery culture and model of care. We will be known for our community service based on passion, principles, and person-directed care in the pursuit of excellence. We will be known as builders. We will be the “option”. We will lead others in the enhancement and promotion of our Eden Alternative philosophy of faith-based, person-centered and person-directed care.

We will be collaborating with a broad array of national, provincial, regional, municipal, for-profit and not-for-profit service providers to provide best in class evidence-based care service to an intergenerational community throughout the birth to death life cycle. We will provide intergenerational care services across the broadest spectrum of care to residents of all cultures, faiths, beliefs, social strata and ages. Our homes and programs will provide best in class long-term care services including respite, palliative and hospice services. These same non-segregated homes will provide young adult housing and cater to disabilities for that age group. We will be known as advocates and navigators in addition to providing care services to the vulnerable. Our care team will be empowering and innovative, and dedicated to promoting increased quality of life and growth. We will be one of the nation’s employers of choice in the provision of intergenerational care services.


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