Regina, SK
Salary: $17.91 to $19.57 /hour

This position is located at Broadway Terrace.

1150 Broadway Ave.


*Offers Pension and Benefits*


Performs general maintenance and repairs for senior’s high rise, equipment, grounds and buildings.

*Certified to maintain building broilers.


Grade 10

Fireman certificate (Must be willing to obtain within 6 months)


  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of tools and equipment
  • Valid drivers license

Previous: Twelve (12) months previous experience in a maintenance environment (e.g., commercial or industrial).

  • Maintenance
  • Performs preventative maintenance
  • Performs carpentry repairs, painting, dry walling
  • Repairs and maintains client equipment (e.g., mobility devices, beds and wheelchairs)
  • Installs, repairs and maintains mechanical equipment (e.g., pumps, fans, motors, kitchen/laundry/housekeeping equipment).
  • Performs repairs and maintenance on air-conditioning equipment (e.g., filters, belts, coils).
  • Repairs and maintains bottled medical gas systems, centrifuges, fume hoods, water softeners.
  • Performs plumbing and electrical repairs up to code
  • Grounds keeping
  • Mows, trims, prunes.
  • Weeds and plants.
  • Performs pest/rodent control.
  • Applies pesticides, where trained and required on the job.
  • Fertilize and irrigation
  • Removes snow and ice.
  • Operates, repairs and maintains grounds equipment.
  • Facility Operating Systems
  • Repairs and maintains ventilation units and boilers/accessory equipment.
  • May monitor and respond to a computerized system (e.g., alarms).
  • Performs repairs and adjustments to building systems.
  • Related Key Work Activities
  • Maintains and operates vehicles (e.g., delivers/collects mail, linen, supplies/specimens).
  • Provide transportation for residents utilizing handivan, where required.
  • Provides security services (e.g., entrances, parking lot checks, scanners, monitors, fire drills).
  • Cleans work areas and disposes of waste (e.g., biohazardous, general).
  • Maintains inventory (e.g., orders supplies, ships/receives).
  • Receives, responds to work orders and records maintenance logs.
  • Provides occasional guidance to the primary function of others, including training.
  • Coordinates contract work and participates in facility renovations.
  • Processes work orders, maintains documentation and records
  • Ensures all work complies with CSA infection control standards

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