Regina, SK
Salary: $22.27 /hour

**Must have open availability to work days, evenings, nights, week days, weekends , short notice and holidays**

Direct Care and Monitoring of Clients / Patients / Residents

  • Assists with activities of daily living as per care plan (e.g., nutrition, personal care and
  • mobility).
  • Provides input into the development of nursing care plans.
  • Provides bathing and grooming services (e.g., hair care, shaves, nail care, make-up).
  • Dresses and undresses clients/patients/residents.
  • Provides oral care (e.g., brushing natural teeth or dentures).
  • Provides bowel and bladder care (e.g., suppositories, enemas, catheters, ostomy bags).
  • Transfers/lifts and repositioning of clients/patients/residents (e.g., to and from bed,
  • chair, commode, bath chair) using various aids and lifts, following assessment.
  • Assists clients/patients/residents with range-of-motion and personal exercise programs.
  • Prepares meals (e.g., plans, prepares, serves and cleans up), where required.
  • Assists with treatments as per care plan (e.g., ointments and simple dressings).
  • Monitors and ensures proper nutrition and hydration (e.g., assist/feed, cut meats, tube
  • feeds).
  • Observes, reports (written and/or shift) and records physical and psychological
  • observations/changes in client/patient/resident condition (e.g., skin/scars/tattoos,
  • condition of feet/nails, mobility, nutrition, vital signs and glucose levels).
  • Promotes the social, spiritual, psychological and emotional well-being of
  • clients/patients/ residents, monitors and reports to the care team changes in behavior.
  • Promotes good communication with clients/patients/residents and their support system.
  • Provides medication assistance as per protocol, where required.
  • Assists/porters/escorts clients/patients/residents to activities, appointments, outings,
  • where required (e.g., family visits, court appearances).
  • Responds to patient call systems, where required.
  • Performs palliative and end-of-life care.

B. Indirect Care

  • Records information in clients/patients/residents chart.
  • Files/maintains documentation (charts and notes).
  • Makes/changes bed linens, empties hamper, waste disposal and tidies room.
  • Orders, maintains and distributes inventory for client/patient/resident usage (e.g.,
  • briefs, lotions, soaps, tissues).
  • Records inventory items for billing purposes.
  • Launders client/patient/resident items, where required.
  • Cleans and sanitizes all related equipment and surroundings (e.g., wheelchairs, I.V.
  • poles, nebulizers, bed pans, nail clippers).
  • Collects specimens (e.g., urine, stool and sputum) and transports to lab, where required.
  • Completes transfer/lift/repositioning and falls prevention assessments and post

C. Related Key Work Activities

  • Provides occasional guidance to the primary function of others.
  • Disposes of contaminated items/waste and sharps as per protocol.
  • Cares for pets and plants, where required.
  • Sets up instrument trays and autoclaves, where required.
  • Answers phones and takes messages.
  • Performs required checks on mechanical lifts and slings and related equipment, as per
  • policy.
  • Notifies maintenance of required repairs to equipment.
  • Participates in Quality Improvement programs as required by local protocols.
  • Communicates and participates in emergent situations as per protocols (e.g., various
  • codes).
  • Responds to incidents that occur which may result in injury to persons (e.g., defuses
  • violent or aggressive situations, restrains combative patients).
  • Follows universal/standard precautions, infection prevention control and isolation
  • techniques.
  • Performs housekeeping duties, where required.
  • Performs security checks, where required.

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